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Magical oasis in Saint-Petersburg. Crystal of health and beauty.

Magical crystal

When you go abroad on a business or a private trip, its program is usually already established. The program will include not only work meetings, but also meeting the city, its architecture and sightseeing attractions, visiting theatres, restaurants. And of course spa — in order to gain freshness and energy before the eventful day, or relax and have rest afterwards. Fortunately now it is possible not only in Europe.
Today St. Petersburg can offer its guests spa-recreation of the highest level.

We invite you to begin your day in Crystal Spa & Lounge — a pure oasis of beauty and health which is located in the very center of St. Petersburg, just several minutes walk from Moskovsky rail station.

  • Alone with yourself
  • Tired of rapid pace of your bustling life? Feel persistent stress and notice that during the long winter time your appearance has not changed to the better? Just come to Saint-Petersburg for a couple of days. Stay alone with yourself and this enchanting city. Devote some time to yourself and be a guest of Crystal spa & Lounge. Believe — Crystal Spa & Lounge is more than just spa. It is a magical world of pleasant sensation, complete relaxation, healthy lifestyle, harmony of your soul and body. Here everything is so saturated with peace and coziness, aromas and magic energy of health, that your powers revive just themselves, your soul becalms, and fatigue and anxiety vanish without a trace. Experience the effect of thalassotherapy — harmonization of inner spirit through contemplation of beauty: spa interiors somehow continue the theme of Hermitage, which you might have visited today... Atmosphere of relaxation and peacefulness, nonintrusive attention of the personnel, flower aromas, murmur of fountains, worm towels — in every detail, in every stroke you'll perceive care of you.
  • Romance of the white nights
  • A romantic weekend in St. Petersburg is a high point in the life of lovers. Saint-Petersburg enchants with a unique mood and is a perfect place for a love confession, offer of marriage, a romantic date. Magic of a summer night city will be an ideal background for your love. However a weekend spent in St. Petersburg will give you truly unforgettable impressions, if you will visit not only museums and nightclubs. Spend time together in luxurious interiors of Crystal Spa & Lounge, feel the amazing energy of the space and its salutary effect. Feel how quite and peace embrace your mind, how your love intensifies anew. For a journey to a fairytale together — it makes the hearts of the two fonder...
  • Programs of Crystal Spa & Lounge
  • Crystal Spa & Lounge has plenty of capabilities to let you feel really relax, let your feelings, emotions, sensations the most pleasing. Simply staying here is already a recreation.

    Everyone who wants to have rest after an exhausting trip can start their day with an anti-stress mind body massage. Businessmen which arrive to St. Petersburg for job and feel tired after difficult negotiations, exhausted by travelling or a noisy exhibition can enjoy the procedures aimed at relaxation — different massages and spa-rituals in eastern style. The exclusive service "express-diagnostics of psycho-emotional and physical condition" and further procedures of audio-visual correction greatly take away stress and return good shape.

    And for a couple in love who don't want to separate for a second Crystal Spa & Lounge will offer the program "Spa-recreation for two" — it is exactly what is needed after numerous excursions, night walks and dancing all night through.
    After the procedures one can have rest in a cozy lounge separated into private zones and try elegantly served specialties from the chief. The menu if the Crystal Spa & Lounge restaurant is developed in cooperation with the GB healt food institute and follows the BEAUTY, BRAIN AND MOOD principles, that is why your meals will be not only light, but also healthy.